Wooden Boxes

We continue to send out parcels at our usual rhythm to most destinations, but slight delays may occur according to the status of the post in your respective countries.
Quoted prices include a 20% VAT that will be deducted at checkout for orders shipped outside the European Union.
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5-pc “Seine” set
5-pc “Architecture” set
5-pc “Paris Monuments” set
empty 5-pc wooden box
5-pc “dragon” box empty
empty 12-pc wooden box
empty 24-pc wooden box
empty 72-pc wooden box
48-pc Petits Roché assortment
72-pc “Giverny” set
72-pc “Landscape” set
72-pc “Portrait” set
72-pc “Paris” set
72-pc “Iridescent” assortment
Chest of 648 pastels (-40%)
Chest of 648 colours
Full Collection

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