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We continue to send out parcels at our usual rhythm to most destinations, but slight delays may occur according to the status of the post in your respective countries.
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Dragon's Blood

Pompeii Red

Brilliant Red-Orange

Stil de Grain

Indian Yellow

Storm Green

Lipari Earth

Green Earth

Mountain Blue

Seraphin Blue

Caput Mortuum

Horizon Violet

Large China ink tablets
China ink tablets
22 watercolour tablets
11 watercolour tablets
6 watercolour tablets
Assortment of 216 semi-hard pastels
72 semi-hard pastels “portrait”
12-pc “Provence” set
72-pc promo “floral” set
72-pc promo “portrait” set
Chest of 648 pastels (-40%)
Assortment of 174 pastels
72-pc promo “landscape” set
10 semi-hard pastels “landscape”
12-pc “Greys” assortment
10 semi-hard pastels “grisaille”
12-pc “Reds and pinks” assortment

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