Roché pastels: clarity, intensity, diversity
In 1937, Dr Henri Roché presented a collection of 1650 colours at the Paris International exhibition. Today, you will find an evolving and expanding collection of 1700 colours, divided into ranges of nine gradations. Each range is composed of pure colours that are either gradated with white, black, or crossed with another colour.

Manufactured in small quantities, Roché pastels are individually hand-rolled into a form suitable for both bold and detailed work. With exceptionally lightfast pigments and a minimum of binder, the pastels possess a particular texture that allows them to adhere well to a number of supports, as well as display a remarkable intensity and clarity of color.

A limited range of half sticks, the Petits Roché, is available for those who are looking to try Roché pastels, but don’t know where to begin. More than 90 colours are represented in theme sets of 3, 12, and 36. They possess all of the qualities of the full sticks, minus the label.